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I took the ferrets to Dr. Jerry Murray's office for a yearly physical and their distemper vaccines. All is well, however they did have earmites. =O Not even teencie flinched at the shot, last time she tryed to bite him and it took three of us to hold her still.  I got some Revolution so that should clear up in no time. I am keeping a close eye on the Cobain for the next month or two (don't you always?). he has some hairloss on his thigh. Dr. murray thinks its just shedding; I can't help but think of the worst. Scale says fat Teencie was 1.1lbs, Pistol was 1.5lbs, Cobain was, get this 1.6lbs! what the hell? makes no sense. He's more than double Teencies weight by hand(accourding to strangers too) and looking at small boys online that weigh more makes me question it even further.

Anywho 3 check ups + 3 distemper vaccines + 3 doses of Revolution = $55.00   

Just an update.

Mar. 22nd, 2007

Sorry for the long absence, lot of crap happening here., long story short I start chemotherapy monday. ='[

mini update:
Pistol has lightend so much in the last two weeks, her rump and most of her tail are almost pure white! her front legs are no longer deep black, they are now very dark grey. shes just a year old, my ferret's color is just washing away! =D heh I have to post the pictures I took of her, and an old one for comparison. Its just an amazing change. Teencie is well, teencie. still running the show and getting into EVERYTHING; good thing she cuddles. Cobain is so chunky, and the fur on his tail has grown back, I imagine it will be oober fluffy  again in a few weeks.  

I am buying some fabric "love american style" by Alenander Henry too make some more kick ass bedding! Heres a fabric swatch.  I am basicly going to copy a set I saw, yellow, maybe blue, fleece on the inside. whatcha think?? I have NO idea why i'm making more bedding, it'll probably be stored away until they get a bigger cage. lol

Its all fun until somone gets a bath...

I picked up some goodies for the fuzzies at Petsmart. N-bones being specially for Pistol.  Boy were they excited to see what  I got!  they dug around in the bag and investigated, I had to keep teencie from chewing a hole in the bag. 

We're still alive. The kids go in to the vet  for check ups and distemper vaccines, I think cobain has an ear infection or mites. :(  Its more in the right ear, VERY dark, crusty yet gunky aswell. its painful for him too.  theres new pictures on my camera but its 3:11am  here  and i'm getting sleepy, and the weasels are out cold. I promise i'll update again soon.

Grab your foil hats everybody!

Not ment to dim anyones evening, but I read the saddest non-abusive story last night. This woman  had four ferrets,  one kitty. Heat index of 112,so  she left for work at 5:30am, the AC was at 68 degrees-as usual. She returns home that day and  the AC is out, the house is up to 99 inside,and Every single one of them is dead. :(  I was in tears thinking about this, it could happen to nearly anyone. 

The ferrets are s lazy durring the summer. While they still play and war dance most of the time they are sleeping. 
I want to think its the heat, but upstairs stays at 73 degrees and lower all the time.

I had to wake up this guy for a picture. Grumpy man.